A Collection of Spectacles


belive it or not, i’m actually telling stories about my life. they just don’t make sense to anyone else. that’s breaking the rules, right? i’m supposed to make it so that everyone understands? if only i gave a damn.

you are wonderful. stop. i’m spilling bullshit. cranking it out from raging hormones. oh my dear your skirts are so short that you should become a professional. dater.

what’s a stream of


without a train of thought?

yes or no. she only says yes or no. no (which, in this case, really means yes) what’s the safe word oh my god what is it? no! but…no means yes. so then yes is the safe word? because yes would mean no but no. yes means yes as well.

given: you are a supreme asshole.

prove: we were meant for each other.

in the bathroom. sucking off every portion of y-y-ourrr splended unsheathed orifice.

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7 Responses

  1. Oh my, my, my!
    I really, really don’t understand,

    But in some strange, mind-boggling way, I do.

    It’s like when you *actually think about what our High school is composed of. Whores, angels, careless minds, futures at stake.

    Then you think about your family life, and what shit, or joys it brings you.

    Then you think about your friend being used by that guy.

    Take a blender,
    put it all in,
    (with a dash of vodka)
    hit the button and chug.

  2. littlepandamcelroy says:

    yeah i know. it’s not to be understood. see, this is the stuff as i write it BEFORE i make coherent poems. i usually take stuff that’s similar in subject and string them together.

    in a way, these are how my pieces look before they’re pieces.

  3. Oooh I see,
    for me it’s different… I think.

    Well like, randomly in the spur of whatever, a line, or a couple of intricate & meaningful words would come into my head,
    and i’d type it / write it down.

    Stare at it and read it over and over,
    then the words start coming.

    Did I upload the poem you read but left in thomas’ room?

  4. Post script,
    go on dashboard, then options.

    When you see website ____________ enter this website’s link, so I can just click on ‘littlepandamcelroy’ and it will take me to your page. 🙂

  5. littlepandamcelroy says:

    i think? i’m horrible with papers. really, if you post it online then i’ll fair much better because i’ll comment it and etc. in fact, i’ll check your blog every couple of days? is there any way to “subscribe” to you?

  6. Yes, top right hand corner:
    Blog Info,
    then subscribe 😀

  7. oh yeah, i uploaded that poem, it’s on the bottom.

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