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MY EYE. my fucking eye. uhhhh. i hate having this infection in my left eye only because i have to wear my glasses which i despise. if i could find my camera i would show you. but i’ve misplaced it at the moment. this weekend is going to be exciting. there’s ashley’s sweet 16 (5 months after the fact) and then i get to see my cousins who i haven’t seen since my aunt decided we were all vile.

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  1. 😦 I’m sorry about your eyee.

    I just got my dress for the sweet 16 lol 😀 And it completely matches the theme. It’s pretty, this kind of light green/gray, top seems like a corsette, and it’s very like RomeoJuliet-esque.

    Anyway, gotta clean my room.

  2. littlepandamcelroy says:

    yeah she had a fight with my dad and cut off all ties from the family. she also divorced my uncle. he’s the only reason why i’m seeing my cousins.

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