A Collection of Spectacles


don’t freak.

so i lied? not everything’s from my life? see below. i’m an unreliable narrator.

I can’t believe I let myself adore you. Ugh. the ultimate of upsets.

now i realize that every time i spoke to you you only listened because you wanted to screw and when i let you mentally do so you stopped listening to what i said.

Now I am a virtual whore because I think that’s all you want from me. Knowing this, I’ll offer myself rather than lose you.

he lives in louisiana you see so this could never happen in reality but in our virtual personalities he is a nymphomaniac and i am the…

[x] mistress

[x] schoolgirl

[x] toy

(check all that apply)

In some ways I’ve won because he thinks of me even when I’ve forgotten him and, thus, he calls for a scheduled mind fuck at 3:30 (?)

yes i’m free on that date no that’s not a problem.

You see, in our minds we have lived together. WE have watched the best films, listened to the best music, and eaten the best food that pop counter-culture has to offer. We have lived in NY, payed high rent, dealt with assholes, watered indoor plants.

He has reached into every opening invented.

areallybeautifulboybut i wish he would keep it simple because i’m running out of things to talk about i wish he would stop speaking to me from down there.

when i reach inside i’m not just chasing bodily satisfaction i am trying to find my womanhood.

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3 Responses

  1. Amen to that.

    These were pre-written? or in the spur of the moment type things?

    This post is my favorite, it’s really interesting.
    Is this that guy you were talking about?
    Does he really exist?
    Or who’s to define existence anyway.

    (Daydreams of cybersex in wet dreams.)
    Oh the possibilities.

  2. allieeeee says:

    kind of. yes the person exists. but that’s about all the truth there is to it.

    and this is what i do in random notebooks when i just write shit but now i’m doing it on this site instead of a notebook.

  3. littlepandamcelroy says:


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