A Collection of Spectacles





i am tired now.

when i am t i r e d, i stop acting like feeling is a burden (oh darling did you really correct the wrong that quickly because it is all i can think about why the hell would he do that and i thought that there was more to life i thought there was more to being this age than simply placing flesh in and out and in and out of someone elses flesh) i feel small and weak and five years old. i am five years old and the boy i shared my food with during lunch has the nerve to pull my hair in return.




i’m trying to find out if i really care or if it’s all just representative of something for me i never wanted to live in a modern day jane austin you know and oh my god i can’t stand this i am listening to billie holiday and thinking about solitude

it’s not okay.

it’s not okay.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You make me want to cry.

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