A Collection of Spectacles


sorry for the short post. sometimes i feel as though i have nothing to say and then i realize that that’s all i do. say things. i promise i’ll upload some photos soon, it’s just that every time i want to, i can’t find my camera.

i’ve been trying to use the secret lately (there’s no harm in trying, right)? i start by using a book and dividing each two page section into two parts (one page for things that i’m thankful for and the other for what i want in life). the thankful side is always full for there’s always something to be thankful for in life yet the want side only has one name. ughhh. that was a bad line. this situation has my emotions down to the contents of hallmark cards.

i was impulsive after scolding him for being that way but i’d do it again if i could. 

all i can feel are the small impressions left on my neck. if i could, i would keep them forever.

i looked at the dashboard, because i never look people in the eyes,




and said “you’re not allowed to say sorry anymore, okay?” 

 oh, if only you weren’t so confused.

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