A Collection of Spectacles


i’m posting again because there’s nothing better to do. i want to stay home and think for once.

i don’t understand what there is to fear about me. i’m a little girl with huge aspirations.

we’re too much like each other, you know. this is why things are difficult. we’re too much of the same except you haven’t matured as much as …no. you simply haven’t grown up in all aspects. i can wait(?) but, for me, it’s not waiting around. i’m waiting for understanding. not perfection. just mutual agreement. if that makes any sense.

when you’re prepared to face the world, finally, i’ll be here.

i’m feeling unattractive and inadequate right now for no reason. could be the heat. maybe because i’m writing things that are passive-aggressively scathing. that’s not ladylike. that’s not attractive.

i’m tired of people and their emotional glitches.

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  1. Claire Anne says:

    😦 I hope I didn’t offend you,
    I suppose I’m speaking for both posts now?
    You must relax. You have to take a quiet hour, go somewhere slightly cold, sit / lay there and clear your mind. You have to take a seat and let everything stop just for a moment, if possible.
    It’s like sleeping on it, but better.

    And this post is just like what we spoke about on my lawn.

    And about the procreating thing,
    If it does not go against your morals / ethics / “What I think is wrong and right” book, then go for it. It’s your life, you live once, and if you can trust your instincts and emotions that much, I think you should try to pursue it. I just don’t want you to end up like the many girls we know of.

    And no, you would not be a whore. Maybe just a high class intellectual who enjoys an occasional orgasm?

    I tried

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