A Collection of Spectacles


i’m okay. i’m always okay. i’ll always be okay. tommorrow will be better than today and it will be that way because i will have willed it so.

i’m looking up from here on out. no looking back. no looking down. you miss out on too much that way.

i have to laugh about it. my posts are so bipolar.

i tried to figure out why i don’t get upset anymore. why i don’t cry about anything anymore.

it’s because everything feels surreal. i don’t feel alive exactly. i feel like this is all a dream and that it’s not happening to me. i don’t know exactly who “me” is but i don’t feel completely “here.” this isn’t making sense.

is there really that much difference between the girl and the chair she’s sitting in?

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One Response

  1. Claire Anne says:

    I think everything, including the human race, is rather insignificant. But you know, we’re supposed to think we’re all that in a bag of chips, so what the hell.

    Sometimes I feel that way. Sometimes.
    But then reality hits me back when my dad gets angry,
    or my brother comes home fucked up,
    or when my cousin mentions college

    reality checks suck 🙂

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