A Collection of Spectacles


i’ve felt well enough lately to make another list. it’s kinda sorta working already. it always works when i need it.

[clear your mind


focus on what you want

because you attract what you focus on]

and for once, i feel very content with the fact that i know exactly what i want in life. i want to make the best of it all.

i found this amazing (hilarious) song that i would’ve shared with you if…

well, you know.


*it’s still all in the back of my mind. just that the thoughts are dimming more and more each day.

i wonder if that’s what you wanted, to fade into the nothingness of my most trivial recollections.

this summer has been one of discovery. i’ve discovered who i am

              [an ever changing being]

  and have learned to accept it.

                        [who will continue to adapt and grow]

                most importantly, i have learned not to fight it.

    [the “me” you see today might not be the same one seen a week from now]


maybe one day we can meet up again, as children, when things are much more simple and pick flowers beneath the golden orb the Earth calls “sun.”

                                                              i’d most certainly hope so.

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One Response

  1. izzybelle says:

    well this is certainly cheering compared to the other ones you left while i was gone haha.
    who would have thought that the thing you wanted in life could be so simple? who would have thought it could be so complicated? to make the best of it all. how does one do that? think happy thoughts i suppose. take things as they come and accept them as they are. which you have recently learned to do. bravo. =]
    he probably didnt want to fade into your trivial recollections, but who cares what he wants anymore? not i. i know what you mean though, those two lines. exactly. do you also feel a sort of numbness? do you no longer feel the underlying pain?
    i’m glad that you have changed this summer. not that i didnt love you the way you were, its just that change has to come, and i’m glad that i have been able to watch (and comment on lol) your spreading of wings, so to speak.
    also, you should know that your wings are beautiful.

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