A Collection of Spectacles


i stumbled towards my tv to change the channel and was stopped short.

i found a dead mouse

on the ground and next to it were its intestines (lined up perfectly) and next to that was soho purring contently.

did she slit it open? is that why everything that should be inside is sprawled out so neatly?

currently: the lazy existentialist.

did she slit it vertically or across?

i’m not willing to change. i’m can’t give much back. not yet.

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4 Responses

  1. Claire Anne says:

    Oh Soho!!!
    My dog got to my hamster
    but there wasn’t a scratch on her lol… and I have a german shepard! Lol and your fat kitty ripped it open!

    That says a lot.
    Poor mousy 😦
    I found a dead mouse once
    and I poked it and it’s body moved and under it were worms.


  2. izzybelle says:

    vertically. if the fat kitty slit it, it would have been vertically. cuz if you cut horizontally you’re more likely to cut up the organs inside cuz the torso is like curved and shit.

    my cat caught a bird 2 weeks ago. it wasn’t all the way dead when she brought it inside. it died on the dining room floor.

    the question is, did you have to clean it up?

  3. actually, this is the second one. a few months ago i was doing the laundry and wow. a mouse fell out. a dead one. i’m so glad that my cat loves me oh so much.

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