A Collection of Spectacles


Time: Hours before the stage lights went dim.

I learned…

              Maybe when people go, it’s not with a whimper.

…never stick around with those who are suffering from the same ailment(s) as you.(insanity is always inevitable)

As I sat (mouth agape) in the car, all I heard was the incessant buzzing of laughter.

Maybe when the world explodes, those lucky enough to see the land in its final throes will be met with a similar soundtrack.

-“Whimpers” only witnessed or, rather, ignored by outsiders looking in.

ON the path, I had the most prolific (and frightening) epiphany I have experienced thus far.

(With thoughts of deja vu

running through my mind. the

bitting twinges that refused to leave.)

I thought, ‘if I’ve done this all before, what’s the point? should i place the period here.now?’

                        I knew someone once, hopelessly saturated in the “highschool pastime of choice” well before my induction. I came forth with idiotic naivete. But, as the exhausted phrase goes,

you never know until you try.

From “trying” comes new growth, comes change.

In other news, winter refuses to leave completely. warm up already!

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