A Collection of Spectacles


i’m told that this is when i write most. okay okay i guess it is.

i dreamt last night. it wasn’t anything but sex. except it wasn’t meaningless for once.

maybe it’s possible to fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and still not get anywhere. it’s possible to screw a lot of people and still feel horribly unfulfilled. i used to dismiss some people who thought this. write them off as silly unrealistic romantics. i thought fucking was everything. 

i think it’s important to be genuine and truthful with everyone you come into contact with without deviating from your feelings.

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2 Responses

  1. Claire Anne says:

    There are always those horrid realizations once you experience or know the other side of something.

    I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like i’m walking inside a shell.
    What IS fulfilling anymore?

  2. i don’t know. i mean, it’s different for everyone. what makes me happy may not do the same for you. at the same time, we all share the need to feel certain things (to feel loved, wanted, appriciated, etc). i think everyone just has to try different things and incouraging inner-growth in order to find true satisfaction in life.

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