A Collection of Spectacles


next time i’ll see everyone it’ll probably be in school. eww. we’re growing up. (note the lack of maturity in those sentences. i’m not giving up my youth yet.)

in other news: i explained everything. i used plain language. described it all without the poetic rambling that’s found here.

i asked for something simple. a yes or no. yet, that seems like the most daunting task ever. like a chore. whatever. i’m not jumping to conclusions yet. i’ll wait till after school starts (when there really isn’t an excuse) and then i’ll just make a couple of assumptions and move along.

now i know. i need to resolve one thing before moving on to the next. otherwise, i end up in onesided exchanges of emotions. interactions where i take and take but don’t give. that’s not fair to anyone and i end up looking back on such memories and feeling as if they were dull and boring, at best. 

not anymore. i’ll do things differently.

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