A Collection of Spectacles


update: i have the dye but don’t have bleach so i have to wait until i have enough cash to get it. i haven’t had much cash lately because i’m barely working now. i have an idea but it’s less than well…legal. so i’m not getting into it here. 

i think it’s important to separate needs from wants. actually this is probably one of the easiest things to do (unless you’ve spent a great deal wallowing in doubt and self created fabrications in which case the difference is never apparent).

step one: achieve a state within which you are open and receptive to the world and everything in it. this means admitting things about the past that you are not proud of and highlighting unfavorable aspects of your character that could possibly cause destruction in the long run. 

then want and need become easy to differentiate between (save a few exceptions). separating wants from each other based on importance and the likelihood of occurrence is more difficult but i’ll see what works when i reach that point. right now i’m busy working towards a place i was at months ago but allowed to have taken from me. the point of origin. 

a singular person should never be on someone else’s “need’ list because, in reality, there’s no one that anyone needs but his or herself. 

either i’m beginning to regress and fears are actually manifesting themselves in the form of pseudo self reliance or i’m actually starting to nurture a greater sense of self worth. i can’t tell the difference yet but i’m really hoping that the latter is true.

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2 Responses

  1. Claire Anne says:

    You want what you need.
    Funny how that works.

  2. well, yes and no. everyone needs food to live but a 400 pound man has taken an essential need and turned it into a want which differs from the homeless man who wants food because he needs it. so greed and an inner suppression of issues that bother us can sometimes manifest itself to the point that even that which we need is not always a need but sometimes a want. hahah.

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