A Collection of Spectacles


I found my old xangas. I used to be really different. I’ve chilled out in many respects, and I’ve cut most of the shitty music out of my life (haha, that was meant as non-pompously as possible). 


Just about the least embarrassing one I could find. 


Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Today, I decided to light candles, which I have never done much on my own for fear that I would probably burn myself, or the house down, or both. But, Jenna taught me how to do it correctly, and I did so this afternoon.

It was perfect. I lit every single candle I had ever collected from the time I was 7 years old, and put some indie music on the radio. Then, I blew some bubbles around the room, and watched as my cat meowed dissaprovingly, as they popped on her back.

And, for quite some time, I was truely happy. Funny how the simple things such as this make you feel good inside. Maybe, people would be a little more happier in this life, if we all enjoyed the little things.

Or, maybe I’ve just been taking too much cough syrup.

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