A Collection of Spectacles


Plans, plans, plans: I might move out during the summer and go split up my time between my Grandma and aunt in Brooklyn. My parents recently “gave up,” said I can come and go as I please, pretty much. It doesn’t matter really though. I still want to get out asap. Yeah, so I might hang home for a while after graduation and then head out. Try and secure a job in the city for when I’m in college. I’ll come back to NJ for a week at a time here and there and spend it with my friends at their houses.  

I’m putting my deposit down after next week. I’m more set on this than anything else at the moment. Then, there’s housing (13th Street, Stuyvesant Park, William Street are the choices). They took out the Union Square dorms which would’ve been fucking awesome but whatever. 

A combined BA/BFA program with Parsons? Maybe? If I want to take the risk and put all my energy into liberal arts. 

I need to stop thinking.

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