A Collection of Spectacles


Nice man. Quite awkward for someone his age though. 

“…you seem like a very happy person. You smile a lot, but maybe it’s a front?”

“Sorta. I am happy at times. For the most part, I am. I guess. But at the same time, I don’t feel much of anything.”

Then, I start playing the game. Because I’m bored. Because I want to make him uncomfortable, which is something that’s easy to do to a therapist. All you have to do is ask them about themselves. Turn the telescope around and watch them squirm. 

“Are you married?”

“You ask a lot of personal questions.”

He uncrosses his legs and then crosses them again. His notepad and pen are lying face down on the table.

“I’m divorced.”

“How long have you been?”

“Six years.”

Every time there is an awkward silence (and there are quite a few between us during this hour) I smile and then laugh. Every time this happens, he pauses and then does the same.

“Happiest memory.”

“I-I’m not going to answer that. If you keep doing this then we may have to switch chairs.”

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