A Collection of Spectacles


To begin the break…

-20 pages from Disagreement: Politics and Philosophy by Jacques Ranciére. 

-1 article from a peer reviewed scientific journal

I’ll keep posting everything I watch/read, because I think some of this stuff’s pretty rad and other people should pick it up too.

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Winter Plans

– To explore as much of the city as possible. 

– To meet new random people whenever appropriate. 

– To read more.

– To watch more movies.

In order to highten my understanding of life, or to discover that such a task is silly.

I’ve looked at him in that way twice that I can remember thus far. Once, when I was utterly confused and making the decision to leave, citing exhaustion as the cause, and again long after I hadn’t gone anywhere, sincerely content. He responded with a series of lines broken up repeatedly at different points that were beautiful in their simplicity and highlighted life’s dual nature. Although the same answer was given on both occasions, each time a completely separate emotion that was somewhat linked to the other but could stand on its own was evoked.

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“Against my better judgement, I feel certain that somewhere very near here — the first house down the road, maybe — there’s a good poet dying, but also somewhere very near here somebody’s having a hilarious pint of pus taken from her lovely young body, and I can’t be running back and forth forever between grief and high delight.”

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Today I thought about how often I think about how you really need to start eating, again.

Sitting around the mattress on the floor,

admiring fashionable bisexuals. Ears

hurt and teeth are shifting, signs

we’re all getting older.

I worked for hours

doing something that should’ve been started weeks ago,

but took a brief break to straighten my hair. Placing the hot iron near my scalp,

I thought about how my life would’ve been had I gone to school with everyone else. Like the mind preforming respiratory tasks, such fantasies come and quickly leave.

She’s painting on leopard spots and he’s wearing platform shoes.

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Recycled Media:

“My thoughts have been replaced by moving images.”

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