A Collection of Spectacles


“Why are so many leaders so strict in enforcement of certain policies?

If something is not working why keep trying?

I know practice makes perfect but some things do work.

Espcially when something is broken or being harmed.

Running is good for you, but what if you have a broken leg?

Are you going to keep running on it?


I wonder does religion have anything to do with it.

Religion was forced on many people and some have accpeted while others have fought against.

Actually most people have conceded to some form or other and the fighting begins when someone else tries to force another on them.

It is a must that we continue to look at what comes from the outside as the dominiant basis for our inner selves?

I think religion teaches too much [sic] absolutes, mainly itself. I mean it teaches belief and that’s a good thing, but I think it also teaches being saved by an invisible ‘god.’ A [illegible] creator that left us a long time ago. We have become the creator the entire human species is the visible god. Maybe we need to stop reaching for blinding ghosts from the past. Maybe we’re still children who won’t let the parent go instead of the other way around. It is very difficult to come to terms with adulthood, because being a child is so easy, we’re taken care of without a care. Who would want to give that up for responsiblities?”

– Unknown author.

A beautiful rant written in pencil. Scribbled on the inside of Fanon’s Black Skin, White Masks, GN 645.F21. Taken out of the library today.

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