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Sometimes theory gets to be too much. I don’t want to talk about the underlying currents that are at work when I speak, I just want to have a stupid conversation about some dumb show I saw yesterday, without taking into account the representation of gender or the power structures that are at work. I swear, if one more fucking person quotes Foucault, I’m going to scream. Fuck Foucault, and the elaborate ways in which he thought the world worked. Fuck the philosophers, people never wanted to live with them anyway.

With that, I’ll present a theoretical concept.

I went to a lecture last night, and it absolutely sucked. I was completely disappointed. The last speaker was a Poly Sci teacher for the grad school, even though he looked as though he were only a little older than myself. Anyway, his talk was uninteresting. Only, unlike the speakers before him, his was both uninteresting with the added bonus of being extremely abstract. He did however, for a shining moment, present an interesting concept.

This is the first picture that came up on Google after I typed in the word, “Earth.” Various modes of production went into obtaining this picture. After it was gathered, it was circulated. A representation of the “real” (which, in this example is the Earth) was passed throughout society. Now, when we think of our globe, we think of this image.

It’s odd how the cyclical relationship works.

Modes of production—>the creation of the image—->the circulation of the image through society—>the image becomes part of our mental “databank”—>the image becomes subject to the modes of production.

Two questions come to mind that may be revisited later. 1) Is this form of imagery art? 2) What does this image do to the authenticity of a work?

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I have to smoke a trillion cigarettes a day so that I don’t end up enormous threehundred fucking pounds and can’t fit on the sidewalk anymore because I’d be that bitch who’s inconveniencing everyone by taking up too much space and bothering everyone by looking really unfortunate. A downfall of the city is that it’s remarkably vain. It’s ugly and gross sometimes, littered with garbage and shit upon shit and homeless upon shit.

I like that it’s openly disgusting though. It doesn’t profess to be anything great. Flowers are planted in designated squares amongst concrete, or restricted to parks. But listen: Just because some areas, states away, are filled with forests, don’t think that they’re not just like those assigned squares. If the need for a new row of houses ever usurped the need for that row of trees, then that green would be demolished. The need that keeps them in place is less of a need, and more of a carefully disguised want.

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My former self would scream at me now for trying to apply logic to experiences that are arbitrary in nature, and about giving such a huge shit about the thoughts of others, when I should really be focusing inward. Because now all I do is question what I do, I question whether I’m anything worth anything, knowing it’s a silly thought to have, but what do I do? I’m not going to deny myself a feeling. There’ s no reason to. Anymore.

I was more honest in impulse, (and I was going to add another part of to this sentence, something metaphorical, you know to hide my true thoughts, but I don’t know which thoughts are worth having and which ones aren’t).

Let’s try backtracking though. No thoughts, or second thoughts, no first thoughts at all so I won’t have the chance to have second ones. I’ll want. And I’ll act.

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I leave class sometimes, instantly depressed.

Three interlocking models further (and upkeep) inequality and alienation:

a. Fundamental inconsistencies within the appropriation of labor time.

b. Our orientation towards time in general (temporal matters)

c. The constant refinement and redefinition of “The Other”

I spoke to my teacher today and he said a way to think about an America in which everyone demanded to be put to work. It would highlight inconsistencies within capitalism. Without the poor and homeless, without the constant marginalization of the few, this structure does not work, but imagine a place in which everyone’s tasks were used in some manner. The whole system would collapse in on itself.

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