A Collection of Spectacles


I have to smoke a trillion cigarettes a day so that I don’t end up enormous threehundred fucking pounds and can’t fit on the sidewalk anymore because I’d be that bitch who’s inconveniencing everyone by taking up too much space and bothering everyone by looking really unfortunate. A downfall of the city is that it’s remarkably vain. It’s ugly and gross sometimes, littered with garbage and shit upon shit and homeless upon shit.

I like that it’s openly disgusting though. It doesn’t profess to be anything great. Flowers are planted in designated squares amongst concrete, or restricted to parks. But listen: Just because some areas, states away, are filled with forests, don’t think that they’re not just like those assigned squares. If the need for a new row of houses ever usurped the need for that row of trees, then that green would be demolished. The need that keeps them in place is less of a need, and more of a carefully disguised want.

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3 Responses

  1. sophia s. says:

    I really like this, and yes I still read your blog

  2. talkingbird123 says:

    I like this too. You were never one to like illusions or false perceptions. I’m glad that part of you is still flourishing šŸ˜€ Fuck rose-colored glasses.

  3. eClair says:

    i’m sure i will still love new york even if i am swimming in trash.

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