A Collection of Spectacles


Let’s spill before I’m not tired and not honest. I don’t know what I’m talking about, ever. Things are written in haste and they feel concrete, but it all really comes back to personal wants. To personal expectations about unnecessary needs. Which leads to the feeling of loneliness experienced when surrounded by many, which means it must be in my head.  I want to be wanted unnecessarily, but when that’s achieved, I’m disgusted and force interaction away. I’m at an odd juncture because I don’t know how to act or who to act like, and I’ve never been lesser that what I’ve mentally determined I should be. Without a future goal for the next transformation, who am I? Conflicting inner/outer interests. This is something that’s been important for some time now, and will probably continue to be, always. I’m tired about complaining and examining my own problems. About talking about myself. So broader topics later, to deflect all pointing and looking.

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  1. talkingbird123 says:

    I thought this was very telling of you. I think it is honest, and quite frankly exactly what everyone needs. Maybe if we weren’t always thinking of where we want to be, we could just be. That’s probably the hardest thing to do, even for people who like where they are because they still have to act a certain way to stay there. This makes me think about the poem I wrote about you. We are always waiting for the next train, maybe the waiting is who we are, not what train we get on.

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