A Collection of Spectacles


A really underdeveloped attempt to apply theory to practice:

Sources- Das Kapital/Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts

A commodity is any object outside us that satisfies human wants.

As values, all commodities represent definite masses of congealed labour-time, that is, the time deemed socially necessary to produce a product. Thus, if it takes most people one hour to make one handbag, for example, the market price will reflect this socially necessary labour time. The value of a commodity would remain constant if labour time required for its production also remained constant. But, this time changes with every variation made in the productiveness of labour. Such variations can be made by developments in technology, etc.

The constant production of commodities leads to the worker’s alienation. Alienation from his/her own work in abstracted labour is a direct result (i.e. in factory workers it shows itself as workers must perform a few repetitive tasks that do nothing for the general growth of the being) and is found in its highest form as alienation from oneself as a species-being.

The issue constantly faced is in applying these ideas to the current day.

I’ve thought only of one so far. Change should be applied to where our abstractions meet and overlap. For example, the device I am currently using, the computer, can be seen as the source of my alienation at work (as an office assistant, or any other job that requires this device to be used) as well as in my leisure time, away from labor (when I can use the same device for any other unfulfilling end).  Although here, within the latter space, the use can be determined by the individual, so it still commands choice. It’s this aspect that should be targeted.  The idea is to focus on tasks, activities, or any other social, political, or technological structure that leads to our alienation in more than one sphere of life. Attention should be placed towards more examples like this, if there are any.

The computer, coupled with the furthering development of the internet, is a device that could possibly lead to the undoing of the pursuit of capital in its typical form. However, this too is being commodified, although slowly. Anyone that can remember a time in which shows and videos could be seen online without having to sit through a commercial or two can vouch for this.

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