A Collection of Spectacles


An exercise in procrastination: I tend to link songs with memorable events, so every time this one plays, I’m stuck thinking about trying to work while angry and upset. I left the room abruptly after I read it, after he said it, and ran to the bathroom. I sat outside and refused to tell her what was happening, because I don’t know her that well, I need my friend. I borrowed a cigarette and sat on the step, dropped one on the other landing, he retrieved it. I came back, and she said, “were you crying.” “Yeah.” Still, I called to try and mend, to plead, I don’t really know. I don’t understand how he couldn’t understand that that would make me upset and why I’m so upset, flat affect and tone. Losing a job provides more free time, but no money to do anything with, bloated and bored. Let’s read for leisure, someone come do this work for me, I don’t have the tolerance for all-nighters anymore.

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2 Responses

  1. eClair says:

    Dear you,
    What are you doing this weekend? I’m coming over. Can I? I would like to. Perhaps all of saturday to sunday. Hm.
    Let me know, dear. lots of catching up. :}

  2. Alexandra says:

    Yes, if you’d like. I think. I feel like I agreed to do something that I can’t remember, but that’s my only hesitation.

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