A Collection of Spectacles


I administer torture with care and receive pain with the greatest sense of humility.

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Self made movie marathon (what’s been accomplished thus far). Will be Editing/Re editing.

Day One

Midnight Cowboy


Me You and Everyone We Know

Un Chien Andalou

A Clockwork Orange

Day Two

The Acid House

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All this energy, stress, and confusion would be better spent otherwise. With eyes down and zoomed in on miniscule details, I have ignored the larger whole, again. Let’s use this moment to piece back together a sense of self. To possess a hatred of everything that exists requires a biased view towards external stimuli that is inherently neutral. If I see a sunset and think it looks like shit, then what awful tools I have at my disposal. Lately, the people in my life seem wondrous. What lovely thoughts and ideas. We share, reifying and situating the existence of the other reciprocally. Happiness feels like peace, a place where thoughts are not simply held in place but their arrivals noticed, forms recognized.

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“The limits of physical play are usually easy to identify as they are approached: the body tightens; breath becomes shallow, fast, or ragged; the throat constricts; and the voice goes up.”

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