A Collection of Spectacles


Sadistic ideas 1: The Human Fishbowl

Take a plastic bag and place over subject’s head, tape the bottom of the bag to his neck, and attach a tube to a hole cut out of the top. Preliminary playing can be done with the tube and various aspects of breath play (i.e. blowing cigarette smoke through the tube). Eventually water will be funneled through the tube until it covers the mouth and almost reaches the nostrils. Continue with scare tactics. Cover the end of the tube until subject is freaking out, then pop a hole in the bag with┬áscissors/knife.

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The next time I want something remind me that it’s gonna be fucked before I even get involved, because I’m an eager cocksucker with high hopes. Fuck everything, I’m gonna smoke cigarettes till I lose my voice and listen to grind till my face falls off. This is possibly the most immature post I’ve ever written, but I couldn’t give two shits. FILL IN A MILLION ANGRY ANGSTY CEREMONY LYRICS HERE BLERRGHHH. I’m just gonna grow a dick already so I don’t have to care about anyone.

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“Why are you in the West Village and not in Brooklyn?” Repeats, repeats, repeats. I’m not going to get excited, because I know how that shit goes. I’m an awkward “morning after” person.

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