A Collection of Spectacles


24 is already miles better than 23. I felt really forgotten last year and lost. Well, not exactly doing better in the lost department. I have a session 9 hours from now. I wonder how long I can continue doing this and not paying taxes. Sometimes clients “dad” me, especially one in particular, and they tell me how I’m not saving for retirement or putting anything away for my future. They ruined it all for us anyway, so what’s the point of that? My mind wanders and complains. I will probably never pay my loans back because there are a million other things I’d rather do then tap into that pile of shit, like going over that long list of things I should do today but probably won’t one more time. Go back to therapy and tackle the mountainous task of finding a psych that isn’t going to call me depraved and fucked up because, whatever, I love my fetishes and I care deeply about the men who serve me. Clean more. Go outside.

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