A Collection of Spectacles


A series of depressing dreams

I’m hooking up with this girl from college, some soft butch I’m not actually attracted to in reality. I’m trying to eat her out and she stops me and just keeps asking what I’m doing and if I know what I’m doing.

I wrote him a going away letter and then lost it, but I don’t realize this until I’m supposed to give it to him. I get sweaty and nervous as I rummage through my bag.

K thinks his work check is going to be for some large amount but it’s actually for a fraction. I’m upset and disappointed because I was depending on him but when I voice my frustration, we begin to argue.



I don’t really want to let go. I’m a fool and I’m always underselling my emotions to you so why would you think this time was any different?  Why wouldn’t you just wait a week till I folded like I always do?

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