A Collection of Spectacles



I’m an idiot who can’t stop thinking about fucking in the park while kids film us and fucking to video games but missing the details and fucking on a bench before a car drives away because I’m too loud and fucking in the grass while my knees hurt and making you roll while I suck your dick and cumming in your bed before your dad texts you because I’m too loud and

K and I are doing better but I’m not sure when he’ll marry me. Another Christmas with my Christian family and their expectations. My cousin got me a slip last year like I’m not doing enough to fuck my boyfriend or something.

I’m wound up too tight too sexual too motivated by my pussy but too disgusted by most people to care enough and pursue it. This guy keeps texting me but couldn’t even keep his dick hard so what do I need him for? He makes 2004 style jokes about my “white” voice but is lighter than me, and he turns down the songs I wanna play because it’s all murder music.

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The person that you have to be to be anything in this world is gross

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