A Collection of Spectacles


K and I were fucking as other thoughts started to creep into my head. I started to think about my ex and how he mistreated his ex. I thought about how she must feel that she was at her most beautiful years ago, brainwashed and having been handed a series of complexes by him. I rolled this around in my head for a bit, fixating on this delicate medley of emotions. I turned it around in my head and examined it until it felt as if I could taste her tears. I came thinking about this, about how remarkably precious and sad it all seemed.

Want me to take the whole thing? Fine. Deep in my ass, I feel you press against the bend up towards my colon, something I’ve read about before but never felt firsthand. I say something about getting close and you say something about cumming soon too, at least I think. I was too wrapped up in feeling you, thinking about nothing else, to remember exactly what happened.

It’s hard to hear over my own moans anyway. Something falls off the bed. Whatever, fuck it. I only cum when I feel you empty into me. Afterwards, I’m stoned and embarrassed, apologizing profusely as always. I can’t find the words because I don’t want to look foolish, but I’ve never felt anything like this before.


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