A Collection of Spectacles


I was coming down from class in the elevator at school when this woman stopped me and told me I had “k pop hair.” Her name was Gina Faye, and I wondered if she took the name after Tina’s because she seemed like an SNL watcher. She was an older actress with crowd feet around her eyes and dull red hair. Her eyes grew wider as she told me about k dramas and their depth, and I found her childlike enthusiasm endearing. I kept nodding my head, even took time to write down a few titles to add to the list of things I should get around to  “when I have time.”


I’ve never cum without jerking myself off during. I never learned to play with others. Sometimes I think of isolating myself and getting away from romance because I’m always fucking up. I keep playing over the time he told me I taught him how to be cruel. I want to be treated gingerly, but what do I give in return? I look outside my window and see that flowers are beginning to bloom, bass has been rattling from shitty car speakers all day.

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