A Collection of Spectacles


Quote: Imaginary Perversions. “Sexual perversions are morally neutral, cut off from any suggestion of psychopathology – in fact, most of the ones I’ve tried are out of date. We need to invent a series of imaginary sexual perversions just to keep our feelings alive…”


You know, if everything around you seems bleak and gray, you always have the option of turning on a light.

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#100 (is nothing special)

I am going to take all of these snidbits and half finished things and compile them all together in order to create a book of short stories. Or somethings. I haven’t decided exactly what yet. 

Here. I am going to write it down here so that I will have to do it. I’m forcing myself to get it done. To have some direction. 

For once in my life I am going to finish to finish to finish finish finish

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