A Collection of Spectacles


I baked cookies (of which Alice B. Tokias would’ve been proud).  

They were awesome, for the most part. It’s definitely something that I’ll look into more often. 

Although its sort of… actually, it’s very silly and almost absurd, the completion of such a task is gratifying because it brings one closer to an identifiable American sub-culture. To some extent, everyone wants to find their niche, even if it’s among those who don’t seem to fit in anywhere. 

Daily Tasks are Mundane, At Best: Did I mention how sick I am of being here? The atmosphere is suffocating. 

I will…

-Talk about brighter things more often. I’m begining to complain quite a bit. 

– Devote more time to this blog, if possible. 

I’ve almost reached my 100th post! Exciting.

Edit: I spoke with my aunt yesterday. Nothing that’s happened is relevant, only the here and now. Talking made me realize how much I’ve missed her. 

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