A Collection of Spectacles


Sentences about multiple people.

Sitting in the passenger’s seat, I don’t remember much about our conversation except that your family was crazy, and that you smoked Marlboro menthol lights. When we moved to the city, we got a dog but had to send him to Maryland. He was happier there anyway. Sometimes I still think about him, although it happens less frequently and almost never in my dreams. He’s trying to drop six more. In a crowded apartment, I sat in silence and made awkward eye contact with the boy at the other end of the room. Then, I realized I am not as talkative now as I once was. She’s trying her best, and it’s important to learn how to stop analyzing every possible motive that may be behind a person’s actions. She is honest and that is what’s most important. You’re helpless sometimes, but I still care.

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