A Collection of Spectacles


My archetype kills me, every single time. He says I have to pursue it though, in order to feel in sync with the universe (or something weird and grandiose like that). “I don’t know what to do when my love life falls apart, which is every other week now. I am alone, for various reasons (some of which are probably my fault) because I am loud, honest, and logical.” Every woman probably says this after a breakup. I have to do a session around one today. Simple, face sitting, foot worship. He says, “Slap me. Spit on me. Treat me like your bitch.” They’re all the same needy, hungry person. I have to shave for it, which is annoying me. I left my shaving cream at my re-exed former lover’s house. I have his keys, but his roommates are probably back in town.

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