A Collection of Spectacles


Inside, bits of us divide at normal rates, cleaving and eventually separating. It has been said, and my mind has repeated this from time to time, “it is the dream of every cell to become two.” If love is any example, (and I’ll apologize now, as it seems I always return to this feeling, above all others) then when infatuation, and all other varying degrees are considered, a multilayered landscape is created. This is the complexity of emotion. While our insides work in ways that are far from simplistic, they do so with amazing precision. When two people intertwine they are trying to reverse (reenacting a cell’s nightmare?) a process and supposedly become one, though we make many more mistakes during the attempt. 

Mimetic Fireworks:




TEM of a necrotic cell: the disruption of plasma membrane and organelles is observable. A relative preservation of nuclear morphology appears. 

(original magnification: x 10,000)

TEM of an apoptotic (A) and a normal (N) cell. The characteristic chromatin rearrangement appears in A, strongly different from its normal organization (N). The good preservation of membrane and organelles is also evident.       (original magnification: x 8,000)

SEM of a necrotic cell. Numerous lesions appear on the cell surface.    (original magnification: x 5,000)

SEM of an apoptotic cell. Surface blebbing is evident.   (original magnification: x 5,000)

FF of normal cell, nuclear envelope. The regular distribution of nuclear pores is visible.    (original magnification: x 30,000)

FF of apoptotic cell. The nuclear envelope shows a characteristic clustering (asterisc) of nuclear pores.    (original magnification: x 35,000) “

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I made a boy cry once because I couldn’t find it in me to hurt silently. I don’t hurt often but when I do it leaves its mark. It’s a short lasting scream jarring and terrifying. 

My new favorite sentence (simple and discreet):

I hope.

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