A Collection of Spectacles


Did I ever tell you that I got my favorite band to write a haiku about me? Well, I’m not really that special. If you filled out some odd questionnaire, you got one.

How would you like to die?I’d like to implode.

Who is your favorite person?My cat. 

a last thought before
your implosion flashes bright
who will pet Soho?

Look at the page. It’s pretty.

Busy day tomorrow. 

Study group for Lit.Breakfast with Claire.Baking vegan cupcakes.Waiting around.Going to a show.

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i want everything and nothing all at the same time. 

rather, i want everything without working for it or without having to work in order to maintain it. 

(i want to live the american dream as defined by the socialite) 

that palpitating organ (that pulsating inner nuisance) is beginning to form the most magnificent abscess.

when all extraneous noise is turned down i am left with the sound of my breathing irregularly dispersed among the beats of my heart. sometimes the end of an exhale spills over onto the beginning of an inner “thump” which flows directly into the next inhale as if someone captured all that is bittersweet and looped it seamlessly. this late night melody reminds me of everything i want but cannot give enough to have.

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