A Collection of Spectacles


This is childish but it is honest.

I had this dream a while ago.

[A] is there with [B] in a corner and they’re talking. I keep trying to run over to say “hey,” but I have to travel down the length of this long ass table. There is a girl with me, but the chick looks like 19 or something, and she keeps telling me how she likes to be spanked and other shit, but basically she’s a virgin. She goes over and I go over with her to [A] and I notice she’s trying to hit on him, so I try to chat it up, and I keep talking to him when she leaves. We talk about cats or something, cause for whatever reason [A]’s house is a cat halfway zone.

What can I do? I need to get this out of my system and just rant. I hate that I am broke but I also hate jobs. I love learning but hate school. I want to be with someone sometimes, but I hate the people that want to be with me.


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