A Collection of Spectacles



(the perfect word to start this post)

on my 17th birthday, my parents got all nostalgic, bought me huge balloons and left them in my room. the balloons were fine to have around, at first, but eventually they became annoying. i had to move them out of the way when they floated in front of the tv and they looked awfully creepy at night. instead of popping them all and throwing them in the garbage, i figured i’d dispose of them differently. one day, i opened the top part of my window (the part that lacks a screen) and released them, one by one. 

when you enter situations (even those that seem to use up all your energy), try your best to do what you feel is right. if you don’t get the result you want then try a different method. be willing and open to do this. 

however, if you do all this and yet you still find yourself arriving at the same conclusion and the only action left is to let go then don’t hesitate to do so. this way of going about things probably shouldn’t be followed when school or work is concerned but maybe there’s some truth to it as far as people are concerned. 

humans are not math problems or vocations.

you can’t force people to do anything. you can be subservient and grovel. you can be headstrong and yell. that doesn’t change the fact that the only person anyone can control in life is him or herself. 

so. like the child who is tempted to cry after the balloon he decides to attach to his wrist makes the decision to leave him that very same day, ascending towards The Great Nothingness, we all must deal with letting go when the time comes. we all will deal with this differently. 

i’ve come to this conclusion a million different ways at a million different points in my life for a multitude of reasons each time. 

maybe it’s time i actually start believing in it. 

i can’t think of a way to end this correctly

so here i feel forced to place

the umpteenth period

the punctuation mark which

with its simplicity bears the

beautiful power of killing and

at the same time starting things anew 


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