A Collection of Spectacles


I leave class sometimes, instantly depressed.

Three interlocking models further (and upkeep) inequality and alienation:

a. Fundamental inconsistencies within the appropriation of labor time.

b. Our orientation towards time in general (temporal matters)

c. The constant refinement and redefinition of “The Other”

I spoke to my teacher today and he said a way to think about an America in which everyone demanded to be put to work. It would highlight inconsistencies within capitalism. Without the poor and homeless, without the constant marginalization of the few, this structure does not work, but imagine a place in which everyone’s tasks were used in some manner. The whole system would collapse in on itself.

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1:  “If three travelers chance to occupy the same compartment, that is enough to make vaguely hostile ‘others’ out of all the rest of the passengers on the train.” However, “the other consciousness, the other ego, sets up a reciprocal claim. The native traveling abroad is shocked to find himself in turn regarded as a ‘stranger’ by the natives of neighboring countries.”

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