A Collection of Spectacles


Snapshots Taken from Animated Conversations (Vox Pop, Brooklyn, New York).

One pomegranate lemonade and a smoke. After showing D the cover of American Hardcore, he rattles off bands, the basics: Reagan Youth, Black Flag, X, Minor Threat. And so on.

The bald forty-something in a black cap.
“Ever seen MacKaye live?”
“Yeah, lots of times. It was great.”
He talks about the times as they were, original and paired with unbridled fury. Reagan was a big part of a small scene; Everyone needs a flesh and bone dartboard.

Apparently, an Alex with ovaries is made of tougher stuff. He says, stick with Allie. It fits. Alex? Not unless you have a crew cut and leather boots.

“If you’re going to come to the city and reinvent yourself, do it right.”

In my sleeping state, my¬†unconscious warns, “there’s nothing left for you in the place you called home.”

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